Dreaming FAQ

Table of Contents:

1. General

2. Dream interpretation and symbols

3. Sleep paralysis, walking and talking, night terrors, narcolepsy and nightmares

4. Paranormal issues

Credit: Thanks to Jon Tolaas, people at alt.dreams, alt.out-of-body and various mailing lists.
Disclaimer: This FAQ is a reflection of what I believe to be the truth. Some things are proven, others are from personal experiences, and a few things have been deducted from logical reasoning. I have been researching this for years, but my belief might change as I gather more knowledge and understanding.
Just as a precaution; I'm not responsible for any action you may take after reading this FAQ.
Last Update: March 2005
Permission: This FAQ can be used in its whole or portions, my goal is to share this information, so the more people that get to read it, the better.
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