Robert Bruce's
Treatise on Astral Projection

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This article will deal with actually leaving the body (AP'). If you have read the previous two parts - and I strongly recommend you do - you will have some understanding of the AP' process. I will go into more detail on related subjects, ie: duality, multiple bodies, paralysis, the psychic wind, long distance AP', fear, astral sex, ethics, entering other bodies, astral entities, limitations to AP', thought forms, healing, problems, and other topics in subsequent articles.

The projection method I use and describe here is slightly different to what is called AP' today. It is how to do a `fully conscious' projection of the astral body into the real world - not the astral world. This is equivalent to a safe (near death experience).

Stated here are the IDEAL conditions for AP'. Some of them can be varied according to your circumstances and needs.

You need a quiet room where you will be undisturbed. If background noise is a problem, tune a TV or radio - off station - to provide white noise which will blanket it. I advise against music. Make sure the temperature is comfortable as you will tend to lose body heat during AP'.

The light must be soft and fairly dim, not dark. The burning of incense, while not necessary, helps condition your body to relax. If you use incense, use one type exclusively for AP', and use that type for no other purpose.

You need a comfortable chair with arm and neck support. This can be a lounge chair or of the recliner type. AP' is much more successful when done from a SITTING position. The chair must be slightly reclined to stop the head rocking forward. A phone book under the front of it will do. A pillow is needed for the feet, and sometimes a small pillow or towel behind the neck. The type of neck pillow used on aircraft are good. Play around with this until you are 100% comfortable. Note: wear loose clothing.

If you must use a bed, say you are unable to sit due to illness, injury or circumstance, prop yourself up in bed with pillows, as you would when you eat. As I have said, any of this can be dispensed with according to your needs and circumstances. I am giving you here the optimum conditions for AP'.

To AP' you don't want to be too tired. The state needed is that found after you have exercised, showered, had your evening meal and relaxed for an hour or so. A feeling of well being and freshness, not exhaustion or over tiredness, is best. If you are projecting in the day-time, I recommend some form of vigorous exercise, a hot shower and some relaxation first. The body will be physically tired - thus easier to relax - but the mind will be awake and alert. If light is a problem, use blackout goggles like the ones they give you on air craft. They are comfortable and will not interfere.

If saliva builds up in your mouth at any time, before, during or while you are AP' you can swallow, move your tongue etc - it won't affect it at all. If you have to move your body slightly, to ease it, do it in a sleepy, stretchy way, without breaking relaxation. If you have to cough, cough gently. If you are coughing and sneezing, as with a cold - forget it - and get some sleep. One other sensation you may feel is the (cobwebs) a tickling sensation on the face, this is normal. In the early stage you may scratch them if you wish. In the latter stage, after the heaviness starts, ignore them, they will soon stop. It is caused by chakra energy and the subtle bodies loosening.


When your chosen time comes, form a STRONG intention to AP', sit in your chair, stretch and get comfortable. Do the relaxation exercises and energy raising until you feel the heavy condition as you enter a light trance. Switch to breath awareness and keep your consciousness shifted out in front. Stay aware of your physical body being behind you and keep checking for tension.

A humming will start inside and around you. It will increase to a much deeper vibration, depending on the chakra activity. With heavy chakra involvement this can be a truly awesome feeling and is very frightening - if you don't know what is happening. Your heart will FEEL like it is speeding up to an impossible rate. This is NOT your heart but the heart chakra! Ignore it.

This feels like: Place your hand on your chest, with your finger tips resting in the centre of it over your heart. Tap your fingers on your chest, in time with your heart. Increase this rate slowly, until you are tapping as fast as your fingers can. This is how a chakra feels when it is fully activated, it varies from a gentle pulsing, like a muscular twitch under the skin, to a deep robust thrumming, like a muscle gone mad.

Ignore the thrumming and vibrations and stay frosty. Adopt a ho- hum attitude to all of this and you will be out in a jiffy. The vibes and thrumming may feel as though they are increasing to an unbearable pitch - but you must ignore them. With subsequent projections, it will be less noticeable, as the dormant chakras stabilise.

The thrumming and vibes reach a crescendo as the AP' reflex cuts in. You buzzzz forward out of your body, feeling a slight falling sensation in the pit of your stomach. The deep vibes are replaced by a quiet purring inside your chest. You are now floating, or hovering, a few feet in front of, or above, your physical body. Stop all exercises - concentrate - and stay frosty.

This is great! you'll think, YES.... I did it! You are now consciously projecting your astral body, and hey, it DOES feel great!

The first time out, limit it to a few minutes - please trust me on this - it is important. Move around the room - slowly. You haven't really got legs, and DON'T look for them. The law of gravity doesn't apply any more, so be careful. Just move around the room a bit, don't think about how - just do it!

You may feel a purring deep in your chest as you move, from your heart chakra. This is like a little motor, it speeds up as you move and slows to a gentle (putt putting) when you stop. This is your power pack, your energy, the strength of it will depend on the amount of chakra involvement and how close you are to your body.

Keep control of your mind - stay frosty - and don't get over excited during the AP'. Don't imagine at all, or expect anything that was not there when you left your body. This is essential to keep from falling into the ALICE effect.

Now move back to your body with the intention of re-entering. You are new to the astral form and if you go charging off there is a 99% chance you will lose control, fall into the `Alice' effect, and remember nothing. Learn to crawl before you fly? You can go further afield in later AP's but it is important you limit the first one to this.

Re-entry is simple. Move into your body, any old how, and it will straighten itself out. The re-entry reflex will take over - and snap - you're back. GET UP straight away, keeping in mind what you have done and WRITE IT DOWN.

The astral mind is like the RAM in a computer, the physical mind is like a hard disk and the paper is like a floppy. Switch off the power in a computer without saving to hard disk and all data in high mem is gone - poof - just like that! When you write it down it makes a wrinkle in your hard disk mind. You just need a few key words - not a full essay - you can fill in the details later. Start a journal of your AP'S.

A typical Projection

I sit in my chair, comfortable and warm. I am going to AP, come hell or high water. I WILL do it! I do the relaxation thoroughly, as I know it is the REAL secret to AP'. I raise energy with my mental hands to activate my chakras. They start to thrum nicely. I concentrate more on my heart chakra, pulling more and more power to it through the others, until it throbs with a deep primal rhythm. The heavy feeling comes over me as I enter trance. I feel like a corpse, a dead weight. My face tickles all over with cobweb sensation, but I ignore it. I shift my point of focus to the ME in front. I AM in front, but I am also aware of my body behind me. The vibes start from deep within my body, I concentrate on breathing but keep my focus out in front. The vibes increase to a huge droning, power house generator intensity, but I ignore it. My spine thrills as adrenalin courses through me, but I ignore it. I focus on breathing and where I am going. My heart chakra feels like it's going to blow a gasket, but ha, I know it's not my heart, so I ignore it. The droning change into a deep buzzing and I am suddenly lifting free, I feel a slight falling, buzzing sensation. I buzz out and am standing before myself in a couple of seconds. Damn but this feels good! I move around the room, searching - hunting. The little motor in my heart purrs louder as I move, keeping pace with my movement.

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