Robert Bruce's
Treatise on Astral Projection

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Projection Problems

Here are some answers to the most common problems people are having with projection. Thank you all for the hundreds of email letters you have sent me. Your feedback is helping me to improve this treatise, which ultimately helps everybody. If you write to me and don't get a reply within a week, write again, I sometimes, inadvertently, loose a few letters.

I have done away with the original technique of shifting the consciousness out of the body. Most people find this kind of visualisation far too difficult, and waste precious energy trying to do it. Visualisation is the biggest problem with all projection techniques. To overcome this, I have developed a simpler method that is much more efficient.

The most common problems are:

  1. Visualisation, out in front of yourself.
  2. Paralysis, after an apparently successful projection.
  3. Fear.
  4. Remembering the projection.

1. The visualisation problem:
Shifting your point of consciousness away from your body, by visualising, is simply a way of exerting pressure on the astral body. There are many ways to do this other than the method I gave earlier in this series. The biggest difficulty with this is it requires you to imagine yourself in a different position from the one you are in.

For example, if you are lying down, you are (horizontal) and you will be trying to imagine you are standing at the foot of the bed, which is (vertical). This is one reason projection is easier to do from a chair. In a chair you are (vertical) and are visualising yourself standing in front (vertical). Sitting and standing are both (vertical) positions. Close your eyes now, and try to imagine yourself lying on the floor, and you will see what I mean.

This is not the only difficulty. Any visualisation that requires you to imagine yourself at a different place from where you actually are is unnatural and hence extremely difficult. This, I believe, is the cause of most failures. A great deal of energy is wasted on this, energy which can be better used on the projection itself.

Visualisation is a big hurdle for people when they are learning to project. Many have trouble with it because they think they have to actually SEE what they are visualising, you DON'T. People who can visualise things clearly DON'T actually see anything. If they do, it is no longer a visualisation but a clairvoyant vision.

Visualisation is simply the ability to construct a representation of what something would look, or feel like, in your minds eye. It is better termed fantasising, an imaginary perception of reality. Many people who say they can't visualise at all, are still able to create elaborate fantasies.

To overcome this problem I have developed a simple extension of the mental hands technique that will do the same thing. If you managed the mental hands in the relaxation exercise OK, you will have no problems with this.


Use a thumb-tack to attach a length of ribbon to the ceiling over your bed or chair. Have it hanging over your chest, with the end within arms reach. IF you are using a chair, have it a foot or so in front of you and within arms reach. NOTE: This is a visual aide only.

Before you attempt your next projection, get used to reaching out and holding the ribbon. Remember where it is and what it feels like. You are going to use this ribbon to pull yourself out of your body.

Start your projection the same as outlined in Part 3. When you enter the trance state, instead of imagining you are out in front of yourself, use your mental hands to pull yourself hand over hand out of your body. Reach up with your mental hands and imagine you are climbing the cord. Feel yourself coming loose from your physical body every time you hand over hand up the cord. Make sure you don't tense any muscles while you are doing this. Put everything you have in the way of will-power into doing this.

While you are using the mental hands to pull yourself out you can also dispense with the breath awareness. Climbing the ribbon with your mental hands will fully occupy your mind, making any other mental exercise redundant. This will let you put every ounce of mental energy you have into the one activity, projection, instead of wasting it on a complicated visualisation exercise.

While you are climbing the ribbon imagine you are coming loose from the physical body. Imagine you can feel yourself rising a little with each new hand hold. Feel yourself floating free. You will feel a slight giddy feeling in the pit of your stomach, or solar plexus, as pressure is put on the astral body.

2. Paralysis after an apparently successful projection:
This happens when, after everything appears to goes well, you feel all the sensations, heaviness, heart chakra thrumming, vibrations etc, but nothing seems to happen. You lie there, unable to move, feeling very light, and with a floating sensation. This is a form of waking paralysis.

What has happened is, you have activated the projection reflex, the etheric body has expanded but only partially freed the astral body. This is like waking sleep projection.

To overcome this when it happens, increase the effort in climbing the ribbon with your mental hands, apply all the will power you have to this. This should put enough pressure on the astral body to complete the projection. If this fails, there is a strong possibility you have already projected and are centred in your physical or etheric body.

If you think this is the case, and you can't break out of it, use it. Observe all you can, experiment, feel, see what you can see through your eyelids, try looking behind yourself. Another thing you can try is to convert it into a lucid dream. Try focusing on a fantasy, or a place you would like to go. Build it in your mind so you can tune into it.

Not enough is known about the above condition of waking paralysis. If you discover a way to do something about it, or with it, please email me. I will include these findings in a future rewrite to help others with it.

3. Fear:
Many people have written to me describing their feelings of fear during projection. This is a kind of natural barrier to some people that must be overcome. Some call it "The Dweller on the Threshold." It is a manifestation of your own inner fears, very much like a child's unreasoned fear of the dark; a fear of the unknown.

Many people feel there is something evil waiting for them, or a nasty spirit trying to stop them projecting. This must be faced with courage! Look upon it as a test, an exam, that must be passed before you can project freely. Once you do project, and face it, you will find it is only a hollow threat that will crumple into nothing.

I have projected hundreds of times in my life, and in my astral form, have never been attacked. I did, however, have strong feelings of fear to conquer when I first taught myself to project consciously.

There is also this to consider: You are invulnerable in your astral form and your body has excellent defences to protect you during a projection. Your expanded etheric will react instantly at the slightest intrusion or unfriendly touch. It can pull you back in a second, no matter how far away you are.

Ways to help overcome fear are:

  • Project during the day.
  • Leave plenty of lights on in the house.
  • Project with a friend. (joint projection)
  • Pray to whatever deity you believe in for protection.

    4. Remembering it all:
    If your projection seems to happen OK but you only remember laying on the bed and falling asleep after it. The problem could be in remembering the astral experience.

    Here's what you can do about not remembering. As soon as you awake, sit up and pull those memories back. Sit up and think hard. Put aside a few minutes quiet time each morning and do this. It will train you to remember your projections and dreams.

    During this quiet time, run key phrases through your mind until you hit on something. Say things like: I was walking... I was talking to... I was just going to... I was over at... I was flying over... I was having a... I was inside a... These are examples of phrases that can lead to a fragment of memory you can lock on to. Make up some more phrases for yourself.

    It may not feel like there is anything in your mind to remember, but try hard and put some real effort into it. They are there, you just have to reach in and locate them. Once you lock onto a fragment of memory, more can be located and more still. You will be surprised how much you can remember this way.

    It is important to write these down as you remember them. They may seem vivid and unforgettable but they will vanish in a few minutes if you don't record them. Just a few key words will do.

    One other aid to remembering is to give yourself post hypnotic suggestions before you project, or go to bed. This can take the form of an affirmation. Say something like "I will remember everything I do tonight." Say it over and over until you get sick of saying it.

    Lastly, it helps if you have a mission goal for each projection, something you especially want to do. Combine this with the affirmation and program yourself to do it. For example, say: I will go to the beach and remember..... I will go to the beach and remember......

    Lastly, remember to keep the first few projections ultra short. This is an absolute must! It is more important to have a 30 Sec projection you can remember that an all nighter you forget.

    Robert Bruce 1998 All rights reserved.